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Sleep easy knowing your content is safe.

About Us

Trustera’s email clients secure your messaging and content. This guarantees that information intended for a particular recipient can only be viewed by that recipient and protects your content while in transit and at rest. We provide these services without ever storing your data on our servers – not even temporarily. After all, it is your data.

What does Trustera do?

Trustera has built a multi-platform (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android) encryption application that facilitates secure, private messaging and sharing whether your content is in flight or at rest. This ensures your data is safe in transit and, more importantly, that it is safe when it is stored on your private, hybrid or cloud based server. Trustera’s applications allow you to create and consume content on your preferred platform or device.

What data does Trustera store?

For each user we store and publish a public key, and store and encrypt a user’s private key. We also store a unique user name to identify your account (typically an email address). For the initial encryption event (i.e. sending or reading an email) we store a unique message identifier, time and date, and any Document Rights Management options (DRM), such as “do not forward”.

Should Trustera be issued a subpoena to provide information regarding your account, based on our architecture, we can only provide your email address, an encryption ID for each encryption event, the date and time of the event, and its DRM options. For our full Privacy Policy, please click here.

Our markets

Trustera offers product sets that fulfill the needs of consumers, small/medium business including functionality that provides HIPPA compliance for healthcare, FERPA compliance for education, and large enterprise/government entity solutions.

What differentiates us?

Since our products integrate with your existing applications and services, your content is secured while being stored within its native infrastructure. The obvious benefit of this architecture is that there is never a concern that your content would be compromised if Trustera’s servers were breached or subpoenaed. A secondary, and equally important benefit, is that your content is secured from your local administrators or from any hacker who may compromise your local, cloud or corporate servers. The reality of today’s world is that you may get hacked. With Trustera’s technologies, it just wouldn’t matter – the hackers couldn’t read or use the content they stole. Lastly, since Trustera’s encryption is implemented in native applications for each platform that is supported, it is inherently more secure than browser based products.

Our technology and products

Today, Trustera provides a native email client for all supported platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android) and integrates with Windows Outlook 2010/2013. We provide secure, encrypted email in an easy-to-use, consistent, and standards-compliant environment.

Future applications from Trustera will include secure texting (SMS), secure file/photo sharing, and integrations with 3rd party providers such as Dropbox and Box. Our platform is open and accessible via REST API and a client library. We invite other developers who may not want to spend time and rigor implementing strong industry standard encryption and key management into their applications to use our services.

Trustera uses well-known and highly secure public key encryption technology to secure your content. Additionally, we offer compatibility with industry-standard, RFP compliant PGP making our products compatible with other PGP enabled products such as the open source GPG and Symantec’s PGP.

Who we are

Trustera was founded by a seasoned IT entrepreneur with a track record of success in the application performance and security forensics markets. Our Minneapolis, MN USA based staff have a variety of backgrounds from secure private ID chip technology, high performance server implementation, email client development, and geographic risk assessment for commercial banking.

We are proud that we have no connection to any government agency, nor any other entity. We are an independent company that believes strongly that an individual’s communication and data, in whatever form, should always have the option to be made private.

Our philosophy

Our core philosophy is that everyone deserves to be able to communicate freely and privately with anyone else without fear that the content may viewed by a 3rd party. We believe that you shouldn’t have to trust any external entity to store your content. Trustera does not store any user content on our servers. None. Ever.

We believe that messaging should be secure at all times. We also understand why this hasn’t been the case – earlier implementations of secure communications have been frustratingly complicated, making them impossible to use for most users. We intend to change this. We have developed a workflow that is functional, secure, and most importantly, easy-to-use.

Revenue model

Trustera’s encryption and signing services for email are free for anyone to use. There are no limits on domains, number of messages, size of messages or platforms on which the the services may be used. This includes compatibility with GPG and Symantec’s PGP. Support for the free version of services is provided through our forums.

For a small monthly fee, we offer advanced features such as DRM (email revocation, ephemeral messaging, limit print/forward, read receipt, etc.). This service also includes support via email.

Larger enterprises and government entities may want to upgrade to a full-featured subscription that includes globally administrated policies to control encryption based on content or recipient, mass archive compatibility, search functionality, and full support services (forum, email, phone).

For more information on pricing, click here.