Identical functionality across all platforms.

Read, compose, and manage your email on your preferred platform. Advanced features are available for specific needs.


Trustera uses RFC compliant encryption that ensures only you and your intended recipient can read secured messages. This means that anyone who may accidentally receive the email cannot view its contents. Best of all, this service is free on all supported platforms.


Signing of emails allows you to give a recipient confidence that the message was from you, and receiving a signed email lets you know the message was from who it said it was from. This service is also free on all supported platforms.


Trustera’s DRM (Document Rights Management) offers options for control of your message. Options include:

  • Ephemeral Messaging (view only once)
  • Prevent copy/forward
  • Message start/end time
  • Read receipt
  • Forward receipt
  • Message revoke

All the features you expect, making email management simple and secure.

Trustera Security email client is used for all your secure email messaging, but our client is so full of features, it may become your go-to email client.

  • Unified Inbox, supporting multiple email accounts
  • Configurable Left/Right Swipe Options
  • Email Footers
  • Push Sync
  • Configurable attachment download
  • Spell checker
  • Message retention management
  • Passphrase caching
  • Many, many more

Support for virtually any email service.

Trustera’s secure messaging supports your existing email service. No need to create a new email address, we are compatible with public email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and iCloud. Don’t see your email on the supported list – no problem, we support auto-configuration standards for almost any provider worldwide. If you need to enter your provider’s details manually, you can do that as well. Want to continue to use your preferred email client –  no problem as well. We have workflows that will let you launch Trustera from within your standard email client when you receive an encrypted message.

Enterprise Level Microsoft Outlook Integration

We’ve created a plug-in specifically designed to integrate with Outlook 2010/2013/2016 (Windows). Our architecture secures your emails from local administrators, hackers or any prying eyes within your Exchange or Office environments. This simple integration will ensure the same secure encryption while using your Outlook client.

Multiplatform Support

Beautiful, fully response email client. Support for all major platforms.