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Using Multiple Email Addresses in Trustera Mail

The Trustera email client supports multiple email address and a unified inbox should you want to view all your email in one place. Regardless of how you choose to consume your email content, there two basic ways to set up your encryption environment.

With respect to encryption, signing, and DRM services the two approaches to using multiple email addresses are:

  1. Having one primary email address and multiple additional email addresses associated with the primary email address within the same account, or
  2. Having separate accounts for each email address

Having one primary email address and adding additional email addresses to the primary email account (#1 above) is the more common, and the recommended configuration. When Trustera Mail is set up this way, one set of keys, and one passphrase is used for all email accounts. This makes using the client a bit more convenient in that you only need to enter one passphrase to encrypt/sign/use DRM per session (or however you have your passphrase caching settings set) for all your emails.

If you choose to user separate accounts for each email address (#2 above), Trustera Mail creates separate key sets and passphrases for each account. In this configuration, you will need to enter the passphrase for each email account as you encrypt/sign/use DRM. The primary reason to choose this option is to keep different email accounts separate from a security and privacy standpoint. For example, you may have a personal email account and a work email account that you don’t want any possibility of content from one being exposed when content from another is exposed. This might be because your work email account includes our master key technology and you don’t want your work master key administrator to have access to your personal email, or if you are legally required to provide your passphrase for one account it would not decrypt any information in the separate account.

Adding additional email addresses under your primary email address is done in the E-Mails section of your account settings when logged into your account from the Trustera web site or by going directly to your Trustera account at

Adding multiple separate email accounts can be achieved by simply adding a new email address from with the Settings area in the Trustera email client.

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