• Multi-platform Email Encryption

    Support for iPhone/iPad, Android, Mac, Windows, and Outlook for Windows.

  • Document Rights Management for Email

    Create message start and end times, prevent copying or forwarding, and more!

  • Military Grade Email Encryption

    Encrypt, sign, manage rights, and compatibility with 3rd party solutions.

  • Local Email Encryption/Decryption

    Encrypts/decrypts your email locally so your content is never stored on our servers.

Plans & Pricing

Trustera offers free email encryption and premium subscription-based plans which offer enterprise level functionality. Learn about our services and pick the plan that is right for you!

Security Standards

Trustera security uses industry standard PGP encryption (RFC 4880) making it extremely secure, and compatible with other popular security products.

Supported Platforms

Secure your existing Gmail, Yahoo, O365, Exchange, or virtually any email account. Trustera’s email clients protect your content on iPhone/iPad, Android, Mac, Windows, and Outlook for Windows.

How It Works

Trustera’s email services work harmoniously with your existing email service or provider. Your emails are protected regardless of where they are stored (on local servers, or in the cloud), or whatever networks they may traverse. Because Trustera uses asymmetric encryption, your emails can only be read by the intended recipient – and not by local administrators, or anyone other than who you designate. Trustera encrypts/decrypts your email locally on your system so your content is never stored (even temporarily) on our servers. Using our services is easy because we manage all the underlying keys for you. All you need to know is your passcode.

Who can you share secure content with? Anyone. Because encryption and signing is free, all you need to do is send a potential recipient an invitation to create a Trustera account, and you and that person can share emails that are completely secure.

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Encrypt, sign, manage rights, and compatibility with 3rd party solutions.

Full support for Outlook 2013/2016 (Windows). Trustera Security Services use super-fast, super-compact, and ridiculously secure PGP-based algorithms to secure your data, sign your communications, and manage your digital rights. Should you want to communicate with people outside the Trustera ecosystem, that works as well. We support encryption and signing with Symantec’s PGP and the GnuPG open source project.

Trustera Security makes hacking obsolete.

What makes Trustera’s solution unique is in the unlikely event you get hacked, it simply won’t matter. Hackers may get your emails but there is nothing they can do with the encrypted data. Additionally, there is no concern that in the unlikely event Trustera’s servers are compromised – our servers simply don’t contain any of your content. Our architecture secures your emails from local administrators, hackers or any prying eyes within your Exchange or Office 365 environments. We also make your emails (when using Trustera Security) HIPPAA, CFPB, ITAR, FERPA, and CJIS compliant.